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Estate administration

Horizontal property specialists

Siquier Gestions specializes in Horizontal ownership, where the company has collegiate staff who improve their experience with continuing education in this field.

We specialize in condominiums, apartment buildings, premises, parking lots, housing developments.

Constitution of communities

Establishment of communities of owners, diligence of the book of acts of the community, registration of the property in the delegation of the Treasury, obtaining of the NIF.

Advice to president/owners (by appointment)

Resolution of legal doubts regarding horizontal property applied to the reference community. With our guarantee of transparency, efficiency and professionalism, we value the situation and offer the best solution always in accordance with the current legal framework.


Judicial claim of the debt of the owners with outstanding community installments, delinquent.

Submission of documentation

Relating to the community of owners, building permits, obtaining grants, applying to any appropriate institution.

Management of contracted services

Control, payment and monitoring of the services that the community has contracted, in accordance with what has been established in the corresponding Board. Monitoring of the different suppliers in the community. General repairs (lantern, electricity, installations, construction, carpentry).

Account management and accounting

We know the importance of clear and transparent accounts. Therefore, our company ensures the rigor in the preparation of the annual accounts and submission of the individual statement of accounts for each owner, annual summary detailing the movements of the community, income, delinquency, outstanding invoices to be settled, forecast of expenditure for the following year.

Issuance of receipts

Issuance of receipts corresponding to both ordinary and extraordinary contributions.

Board management

Convening and holding of ordinary or extraordinary meetings by making the dessert facilities available to them. Board attendance.
Consulting and rentals
Our staff also offers advice on any legal matters as well as, where appropriate, the connection with the appropriate professional.

If our company cannot respond directly to your request, we have a network of professionals to whom to refer the request in order to obtain the best solution.

When it comes to renting, we advise you to find the best tenant for your property.

We have law graduates

They will analyze each case and evaluate it in order to give the best answer. We guarantee the best advice in labor, administrative, civil, criminal, commercial, tax and accounting matters.

Rental management

Drafting the rental agreement and issuing and managing the collection of rental receipts.
Insurance and financial products
In the field of insurance and financial products, at Siquier Gestions we also have specialized staff who will know the best option for your needs.

From the insurance agency we offer you all the products that can improve your well-being and guarantee your peace of mind, as well as the financial products that guarantee the optimization of your savings. We can offer the best price for each package of coverage and guarantees you want to hire.

Once the corresponding policy has been taken out, our offices process and monitor any incident or claim, so that the customer does not have to worry about anything.

Other services

Siquier Gestions has different collaboration agreements with professionals and companies that will provide the appropriate treatment for the need raised. In everything we think you can get better treatment through another company or professional, we put them at your fingertips.

The main connection of Siquier Gestions is BON HABITATGE SL, a company founded in 1998 and which has professionals specialized in the cleaning and maintenance of homes, communities, housing developments, rural estates, gardens, car parks, commercial premises, warehouses, etc. Any daily problems or services you need for the repair and maintenance of your facilities will be solved by Bon Habitatge, SL.